About Us

RC Logger is a brand managed by CEI Conrad Electronic International (HK) Limited. In 2010 the idea was born to combine image, including photo and video, as well as telemetry data into one compact logging device for remote controlled (RC) applications – the name “RC Logger” was brought to life. CEI currently employs about 100 employees located in Europe, Asia and the USA with an annual turnover of 100 Million USD.

Soon after the Digital Pitch Gauge was introduced to the RC Helicopter community. Since then the brand has evolved into successfully engineering and building unique multirotor-systems utilizing advanced micro controller and sensing technology. Our aim is to develop the “innovative difference” with our customers leading our way, providing a unique product experience. It is not just science but rather the “Art of Building Drones” that drives and centers our efforts.

RC Logger Mission

Our product development direction starts with our quest; our mission.

It drives all our decisions and actions,  where they are in alignment with our quest.

To provide altitude with attitude.

To excite our customers through excellent perceived use value.

 To be resilient, versatile, open, different – different from the rest.

RC Logger Vision

Our vision serves as skeleton for our direction. It provides a guideline for every aspect of our daily work, covering our customers, partners, products, our people and stakeholders as well as the environment around us.

Customers If you think drones, you dream RC Logger.
Partners Provide a winning range of products with the shared objective to gain market share and revenue. Secure the planets leading partners within the drone market.
Products Create the unexpected difference. We don’t just innovate, we create.
People Provide healthy space and freedom to excel which is needed to create.
Stakeholders Ensure a sustainable business with tangible and intangible returns.
Environment Nurture and respect resources that we rely on in our effort to excel.

RC Logger Culture

Together these values build our culture, defining and driving the attitude within the RCL team, a winning team including our people, customers, partners and stakeholders.

If you have any additional questions about our team or if you would like to join us as distributor in your region, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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