Meet the AEON QX Series

Lightweight - Strong - Compact
AEON QX 600x600 - Aeon QX

A new frame joins the AEON family… welcome the QX.

Building off-design features found in the original Soma-designed AEON HD along with the same production process for carbon, the QX is a multi-plate frame incorporating individual arms and central X braced plates.

Fine tuned for Performance

AEON QX Web 1.3 600x600 - Aeon QX
Build Feature Highlights

– Single screw arm mount system.
– 5” and 6” arm options for versatile flight style.
– Professional ultralight construction.
– Compact central placement of electronics using our AEON POD system.

Sensible Weight… Focused Strength

Finding the balance between strength and weight is always a hard balance, but the QX keeps both in the forefront. Using 4 mm arms along with 2 mm central plates ensures the weight is kept to a minimal for a multi-plate frame. The strength is found in the design elements that has been researched to ensure it meets our crash-ability happy level.

AEON QX 2 2 frame 600x600 - Aeon QX
AEON QX 3 frame close 600x600 - Aeon QX
Does Carbon Quality Really matter? … Absolutely!

We take pride in knowing no corners were cut in our quest for top quality carbon and cutting.

Just like our original AEON you’ll notice and feel the difference in our frame  compared to many of the other mass-produced frames in the market. Not only is the carbon itself a key, but the way it’s laid and resined has huge impact on the final outcome. The 0-90 degree carbon uni-fibre layup runs length-ways down each arm, maximizing the strength of the carbon and arms. Once cut, each piece is milled with a 0.25 mm chamfer edge and hand finished, giving a silky smooth feel.

5” or 6”… Your Choice

The single arm designs allows you to choose which way you want to fly. Racing, freestyle, long range setup or maybe try a 5” prop on 6” arms for the stretch X feel in a standard X configuration. More options coming soon as well for HD camera mounting in our AEON POD and Canopy line.

AEON QX 4 compare 600x513 - Aeon QX
AEON QX fastener 600x600 - Aeon QX
High Quality Hardware

The fastener set for the QX uses YFS steel screws. After testing many different types they are the best in the market as far as we are concerned. So you can ensure strength upon impact and not having to deal with the stripped heads of the cheaper stuff.

Motor Protection

Using the iconic AEON HD arm end design, the motor guards are available for download from Thingiverse or available on Shapeways, so you can ensure your motors are well protected just in case a tree, wall, or gate jumps out in front of you while flying.

AEON QX 6 protecter 600x600 - Aeon QX

Visual Excellence

360 Product View

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Product Specifications

Frame (single arm)

Size (Diagonal)95 mm / 113 mm
Frame Thickness4 mm
Weight8.5 g / 10 g
Hardware7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
POD MaterialPolycarbonate
POD Weight~ 6 g


FrameAEON QX with Fastener Set
Lipo PadAEON QX Lipo Pad
Motor (x4)Drone Art Aurora 2305 2500 kW
AIOFC+ESCs - Sunrise Siskin
VTXFurious FPV MNova
AntennaCustom Length AXII
CameraRunCam Micro Swift V2
RXnot included (use your own)

Recommended Parts

Motor2305 2500 AEON QX
FC20 mm X 20 mm
ESC30.5 mm 4-in-1 or standard ×4 type
VTXFurious FPV MNova
CameraRunCam Micro Swift V2 or Foxeer Micro Arrow
fpv camera recommended brand runcam foxeer - Aeon QX

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