Meet the AEON Series

Lightweight - Strong - Compact
aeon main 600x600 - Aeon

“The AEON series from it’s conception has focused on obsession of perfection in an understated design. Every detail has purpose and flow for even the most distinguished builder.”

The AEON series is built on a lightweight platform without any sacrifice of strength. The full series offers a true X design and allows the builder to spec out for racing, free styling or even just a “relaxing” park flyer.

Featuring a 4.0 mm single plate frame and an x-brace central structure, there’s no sacrificing on strength and durability. Purchase the frame kit of your choice and build a standard setup, or add our pod and use the recommended electronics and Aurora performance motor for a truly outstanding, clean and straight forward FPV setup.

Fine tuned for Performance

RC aeon Frame 02 V 2a OK 600x600 - Aeon
The Strength: Proven design

The AEON is a lightweight and rigid unibody airframe. With it’s central X structure at the core, any force from impact is consistently spread across the entire design. Choose from three different variations (AEON UL12, AEON UL16, AEON HD) for your preferred setup. Tested by respected pilots, the design of the AEON has been proven flight after flight and crash after crash.

The Outstanding: Design feature highlights

– One of the smallest 5” prop FPV frames at 190 mm motor to motor.
– Frame support for standard 30.5 mm X 30.5 mm stack.
– Camera hood has hard stopping points of 30 & 45 degrees.

The Build: Critical manufacturing and finishing

Not just another mass produced frame, you’ll notice and feel the difference. The 0-90 degree carbon uni-fibre layup runs length-ways down each arm, maximizing the strength of the carbon and arms. Once cut, each piece is hand cleaned and finished, giving a silky smooth feel.

The Different: Build feature highlights

– Professional standard ultralight construction.
– Suitable for the pro park flyer to the uncompromising racer.
– VTX Antenna Mounting for Dipole antennas and coax cable (ie AXII UFL).
– Certified known working components for straight forward building.
– Compact central placement of electronics.
– Supports combinations of 30.5 mm, 20 mm, and 16 mm standards.

RC aeon Frame 02 V 1bN OK 600x600 - Aeon
aeon pod 600x600 - Aeon
The Versatility: Multi-versal POD

The pod for the AEON is loaded with features to allow a completely custom and clean build. Using a standard 30.5 mm X 30.5 mm design the pod can be used on many frames in the market. Inset within the pod are mounting points for 20 mm X 20 mm and 16 mm X 16 mm boards allowing for a variance of setups.

Up front the camera hood has hard stopping points of 30 & 45 degrees so there’s no guess work about your angle, and it also adds maximum protection to your FPV camera lens with a unique petal hood. Out back there’s a clamp to hold your antenna securely and remove pressure from your VTX board during a crash.

Visual Excellence

360 Product View

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Focus on every detail

RC aeon Frame 01 OK 600x600 - Aeon
Versatility and choice
Ultra lightweight (UL) design
Extra grip

With 3 different frame versions in the AEON series and offered as a stand alone frame or as a kit with our recommended components, there’s no limitations.

The AEON series is some of the lightest frames you’ll find on the market. The AEON UL12 is one of if not the lightest frame that can handle 5″ props on the market!

The AEON silicone lipo pads are custom designed to perfectly match up to the frame and finished in a rich red. This high quality silicone ensures your lipo batteries are locked in place when strapping them down. No more sliding around.

Aeon Blue Pod Fasteners Transparency 2 - Aeon
Mod the POD
Classic build
High grade hardware

2.0 mm and 3.0 mm standoffs help mounting of different laid out boards more universal, while on the rear there’s mounting holes for a pair of LED’s or an LED strip taillight.

A standard top plate is included allowing for a traditional 30.5 mm X 30.5 mm stack build and for using other FPV setups.

Using 7075-T6 heat treated aircraft aluminum ensures ultimate strength while still keeping things light. Hardware is finished off in a blue or red anodized finish.

Product Specifications


Size (Diagonal)190 mm
Frame Thickness4 mm
WeightUL12: 26 g, UL16: 32 g, AEON HD: 39 g
Hardware7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
POD MaterialPolycarbonate
POD Weight~ 6 g


FrameAEON HD with Fastener Set
Lipo PadAEON HD Lipo Pad
Lipo Strap15 mm x 220 mm
Motor (x4)Drone Art Aurora 2305 2500 kW
AIOFC+ESCs - Sunrise Siskin
VTXFurious FPV MNova
AntennaCustom Length AXII
CameraRunCam Micro Swift V2
RXnot included (use your own)

Recommended Parts

Motor1407 UL12, 2305 2500 UL16 & AEON HD
FC20 mm X 20 mm
ESC30.5 mm 4-in-1 or standard ×4 type
VTXFurious FPV MNova
CameraRunCam Micro Swift V2 or Foxeer Micro Arrow
fpv camera recommended brand runcam foxeer - Aeon


Had a few “hiccups” during a race track maiden session but the AEON quad held up well, just pushed props back into shape and kept flying. See my race track maiden on YouTube.

Held up well.

#BROWN, FPV Builder & Pilot, Australia

Such a minimalistic build, where everything just fits together perfectly. Never flown anything so fast. Holly balls man. The AEON changes direction so fast too.

Never flown anything so fast.

krazyfpv, FPV Builder & Pilot, Australia

As a pilot, I compare the Aeon series to Formula 1 cars, designed for power and handling. Whether flying LOS or FPV, Aeon’s aerodynamic design maximizes thrust providing tremendous acceleration without sacrificing handling. The aircraft stays locked to the sticks giving a feeling of complete control. By far my favorite quad.

By far my favorite quad.

b Aken, FPV Pilot USA

The AEON series are the lightest, fastest accelerating, most agile frames I have designed. I hope they add as much enjoyment to your own flying experience as they have mine.

Lightness maximizes power and agility.

Head of Design Team

I am really in awe of the simplicity the AEON series portrays, while offering some incredibly enjoyable flying. The thought “less is more” comes to mind every time I fly an AEON or even just look at it sitting still looking like it’s ready to fly full steam ahead.

Simplicity has drawn my attention.

Test Pilot

Having built a number of the AEON frames using the Pod design and the multi-layered recommended stack, the AEON definitely stands out from many other frame styles on the market. It makes for a nice clean setup that looks beautiful in the air and up close. It just looks and feels right!

Outstanding design.

Frame Developer

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