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Drone Art Aurora Motor

“Engineered for form and function”

The introduction of the Aurora motor buckles the trend of recent FPV motor releases. Unleashing more power by the selection of the best core components to integrate into a unique motor design, that seeks to balance current draw and thrust generation. Performance gain by refinement, rather than simply adding to stator size and mass. The trifecta of lightweight performance and design is unlocked when combined with our AEON frame and POD creating the complete Drone Art performance FPV experience.

At under 26g with short wire, this weight best previous generation 2305’s by 3-4g. Each gram saved at the end of an arm decreases the lever forces that occurs during unintended crash landings effectively minimizing the chance of critical damage. While in in the air, those grams savings help maintain roll and pitch agility.

Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Drone Art Aurora Prop Grip detail
Striking Design: Form and function that rings true

The design of the bell is memorable and striking and sets the stage for the creation of a unique looking brushless motor. The trinity ring serves to reinforce the bell while maximizing the cooling and weight. Aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy is CNC milled giving the design it’s tangible form and functional strength to weight ratio that’s important in this application.

Core Components: Feature highlights
  • 7075 aluminum alloy for both bell and base
  • Imported Japan EZO 684zz 4x9x4 bearing
  • Titanium hollow shaft
  • 0.15 Nippon Steel stator lamination
  • N52H arc magnets
  • Low resistance Silver windings
  • Extra long Silicone 20AWG wires
  • Shaft screw retention makes it easier to service your motor
The Build: Supporting features

Recognizing and supporting new standards…the move to a 16x16mm bolt pattern means the end to motor screw slots in the frame. This helps to strengthen arm ends without the need to remove more carbon than needed to support old 16x19mm pattern. Naked bottom for both weight savings and easy debris removal.

Minimal air gap for performance but not too tight that it becomes sensitive to sand and dirt intrusion. The use of silicone motor wires means it’s easier to solder motor wires without fear of melting insulation. And suppleness of the soft silicone also helps minimize vibration transfer. We also made the wire length extra long to support the popularity of builds with a 4in1 and/or longer arm frames.

droneart aurora titanium shaft 600 - Aurora

Focus on every detail

Visual design strength
Imported excellence
Appreciable flexibility

From the striking look of the trinity rings to the chamfer edge accents that contrast with the red anodized 7075 aluminium and ties in the hollow titanium shaft. It’s a cornucopia of aesthetics that just beckon any drone building enthusiast to want to own a set of Aurora for themselves.

Imported Japanese EZO bearings are often heralded as the best. We used a larger 4x9x4mm bearing to ensure the smoothness and robustness is there. Silver windings help eek out as much thrust as possible. All the modern day brushless motor refinements adds up to achieve the quality and performance we aim for.

Extra long 200mm motor wires ensure you can reach a 4in1 ESC installed in the center of your frame. Any left over cuts can be used for pdb wire boards, giving the builder flexibility. Silicone wires makes it easier to solder without worrying about the insulation melting. And it’s flexibility ensure vibrations are arrested before they cause fatigue in your solder joints.

Drone Art Aurora 2305 fpv motor stator lamination
Droneart Aurora Arc Magnet balanced
Stator lamination
Strong arc magnets
Easy maintenance

0.15mm stator lamination to minimize the eddy current lost and thereby maximizing performance.

The use of N52H arc magnets provides a stronger magnetic field while minimizing the air gap. This results in higher performance.

The bell and shaft is retained by a screw instead of c-clip. This keeps the bell solidly in place without worry of a lost c-clip. When it comes time for motor maintenance the screw makes it easy to remove the bell for cleaning or bearing maintenance. Simply heat up the screw with the tip of your soldering iron first, to reduce the bond of Loctite. Then you can easily remove the retaining screw.

Visual Excellence

Product Specifications


Size (stator class)2305 12N14P
Velocity Constant2500KV
Weight25.2g bare
Weight w/wire30.2g with 200mm wire
BearingsJapanese EZO 684zz 4x9x4mm
Screw Pattern16x16mm M3 bolt pattern


Bell7075 Anodized Aluminum
Base7075 Anodized Aluminum
ShaftTitanium Alloy Hollow shaft
Prop ThreadM5 7075 Aluminum red anodized nut (included)
Lamination0.15mm Nippon silicon steel


WindingsSilver windings
MagnetN52H Arc Magnets
Included4x M3 x 6mm 7075 Red Anodized Aluminum
Cell Tested2-4S LiPo
Wire Length200mm 20AWG silicone wire


I have been flight testing the all new Drone Art Aurora brushless motor just today. They performed unbelievable well, even at 5S. I guess from now onward I’ll use them even more.

Unbelievable good.

Dennis FPV, Pilot, Germany

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