We provide a secure, convenient online service desk where we follow-up on your specific support request personally. Please create a service ticket at https://DroneArt.Com/ticket

We like to ensure that we give as much helpful information to our customers as possible and for this very reason, we have created a YouTube Channel and also have a Vimeo Channel as well. Here, you will find resources for complete video tutorials that cover just about anything you can think of for a product.

From calibrations, preparing for first flight, repairing/replacing a broken component, to performing a firmware update, you’ll find a lot of helpful resources via our video libraries on YouTube and Vimeo.

Customers are a top priority to us. Rest assured that whenever you have a question or need help with a product, that you would be able to easily contact us. Our ticket system has been established to ensure that we can be of assistance to you promptly as needed.

We’d love for you to join our forum community as well. It’s a great wide open place to get questions answered, build friendships and talk with the other owners to share flight videos, modifications etc.

The latest software updates for each product can be found on the product page or under Downloads section. Most updates will be in a .zip format and will include not only the update, but also instructions on how to perform the update and any information regarding instructions on any new features.

You can find the user manual, quick start guides and any other resources for each product either on the product page or under our Downloads section. Although all of our products offer a Quick Start Guide to the customer, we choose to keep the Full User Manual in a digital format. This allows us easily update and make changes that are necessary to keep the manual current example: A software update to the product that adds new features.

Absolutely! All of our products are designed and produced according to safety standards of the European Union (EU), US, and also Japan (for products sold there). Approvals have been issued and CE has been declared. Also, we have required FCC markings on our products to comply with all regulations.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the approval documents, please contact us via the contact form. Additional certification documents and approvals are available for selected markets and products, please contact us for related details.

Safety is a top priority to us as we want to ensure that our customers feel confident when using our products. Most of our drones have features that are built-in such as auto-stop props and emergency stop to ensure safety. All RC Logger / DroneArt products are CE and FCC certified, including EMC, product safety and LVD (where applicable) for use in the EU and the US/Canada. These certifications cover most international requirements. Additional certifications for Japan and other markets are available for selected items.

Drones of course are flying objects and so we encourage our customers to ALWAYS follow the safety guidelines accompanying each product. Also, please take time to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations being imposed in your area for unmanned aerial vehicles to ensure that you are following the proper local laws.

Note: Unauthorized conversion and/or modification of the device are inadmissible because of safety and approval reasons (CE / FCC). Any usage other than described in the operating instructions is not permitted because it may damage the product and lead to associated risks such as short-circuit, fire, electric shock, etc. Please read the operating instructions thoroughly and keep them for further reference.

Purchase of all our products can be made directly at our Drone Art store. We also sell selected items through Amazon (Prime) and have retailers all across the world selling selected items. Please check our dealer page to find a retailer nearest you. In case you need any further assistance please contact us.  In case you would like to become our partner please let us know here.