The field selection is only applicable if you have a record of a previously made online purchase via DroneArt.Com. The "DroneArt.Com Order Ref. (Optional)" number is pulled from the system automatically. Use it to let us know to which order you are referring to. It is optional.

To best view the ticket list either use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge web browser. Some versions including Safari on MAC OS and Internet Explorer on Windows systems may not display the ticket list correctly or at all.

Please make sure that you only upload/attach allowed file extensions to your support ticket.

File upload restrictions:
.exe and .php file extensions are never allowed for upload/attachment.

Image upload restrictions:
.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp are allowed image file extensions.

Hint: File extensions are CASE sensitive, for example ".jpg" is allowed but ".JPG" is currently disallowed.

Yes, it certainly is.

We provide unlimited ticket system support for free regardless from where your RC Logger / Drone Art product has been purchased from. However, we encourage you to first contact the original seller.

Support for discontinued products may be ceased after a period of 3 years.

Yes, support via email is available.

Please send an email to support@droneart.com. A ticket will be created automatically. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the ticket has been recorded in our system.

You may choose to login to the ticket system directly to keep track of your tickets, post comments or close individual tickets.  You may also reply directly from your mail client to service emails received in your mailbox.

Hint: Make sure to observe your spam folder for any service related emails.

Our service desk will notify you by email each time a status change has been triggered by one of our service agents. Please make sure that your guest account email address is valid otherwise the system won't be able to notify you automatically.

Yes, this is possible.

Simply choose the guest login option at the service desk main page. You will simply need to provide your name and valid an email address so that the service system can reach and reply to you by email. The email will not be stored for any other purpose and will not be added to our newsletter database.

If you are already logged in as customer at DroneArt.Com you will not need to login to the ticket system separately.

There is no limitation as to how many tickets you can create, however we encourage you to keep each ticket assigned to one issue instead of opening a new ticket for an existing issue. Please also help to not combine various issues into one ticket.

In order to best understand and support your concern we ask you to provide as much details as possible. This may include your order reference number and product code (SKU Number) and ideally a phone contact number.

Please explain the issue as clearly as possible so that our service agent can get the issues resolved together with you as quickly and efficient as possible.

Further you are encouraged to provide helpful attachments such as photos or documents that may help us to understand your concern. You may upload a total of 20 MB of files. Multiple file attachments are allowed. Some file extensions are not accepted such as executable files. Mots useful are files such as:

  • Image files such as .gif, .jpg or .png extensions are commonly used.
  • Document files such as .pdf, .doc or .txt extensions are allowed.