The Drone Art ISO

Ultra compact - Ultra nimble - Ultra clear

Meet the ISO… Truly from another planet

The little drone with big personality. The only uniquely designed sub 250 g 4” frame that can mount a full size lens camera. It’s striking design could only be achieved by the refinement of the industry first production process introduced by our Aeon line. The result is a compact and nimble lightweight drone that looks excellent whether the goggles are on or off. Out of the world design that dare we say it… makes it an incredible piece of flying art.

Don’t let it’s small size fool you. Designed by Soma himself, the unique isolation structure and outer protective cage makes it a conversation starter. When outfitted with 1408 through 1606 modern powerhouse brushless motors, ISO is fully capable of owning 5” quads on the race course… making it a conversation ender as well.

Short motor to motor distances results in nimbleness that can help you find new racing lines around the course. While the standard size glass lens combine to allow seeing and hitting the smallest of gaps.

Fine tuned for Performance

ISO frame no outter canopy 600x600 - ISO
Build feature highlights

– Nodal Isolation (ISO) designed in the frame
– Unique drone designed to be both visually striking and structurally protective
– True X compact 4” frame without sacrificing the clarity of the FPV image
– Full size lens Micro CMOS and CCD Camera support for the best image in the smallest body
– Compact centralization of weight design for nimble, agile flight performance
– Sub 250 g AUW to fly under the regulatory radars

Built in isolation

Direct mount your flight controller without any worry of the vibes. As multicopter frames becomes smaller, motors and prop vibration has a smaller distance to travel to reach the sensitive gyros and accelerometer on the FC. Management of the vibration became the core concept behind the ISO. The central nodal point isolation design minimizes the mechanical transfer of frame vibrations.  The ability to build without isolation grommets allow us to achieve a clean and low profile electronics stack without resorting to custom electronics. (See recommended component list)

DroneArt ISO frame nodal isolation SQ 600x600 - ISO
ISO kit 600x600 - ISO
A work of art for the builder

We’ll be the first to admit the ISO is for the builder that wants to create something unlike any other “rectangle box” frame on the market. It challenges you to build better but the result is surprisingly simple to maintain. We guaranteed you won’t find anything else like it gracing the skies where you fly. The satisfaction of a job well done awaits you.

You can set yourself up for success by selecting from the recommended components list.

One drone - Two camera options - Maximum clarity

Say good bye to the days of sacrificing image clarity when flying smaller FPV drone. Using full size M12 lens, we optimized weight savings elsewhere so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to the quality of your video. The optimized hood and camera mount points are designed to fit our favorite micro camera. Your choice of CMOS or CCD, 16:9 or 4:3.

The Runcam Micro Eagle with it’s unrivaled color and clarity, or the familiar color and global shutter of the Runcam Micro Swift 3 (M12) CCD both fits perfectly on the ISO. We even thought about 4:3 users who wants a wider FOV with the Micro Eagle. You may swap in a GoPro 2.5 lens for an increase FOV without any hood in view thanks to the protective petal hood.

Drone Art ISO supports Runcam Micro Eagle and Micro Swift3
DroneArt ISO weight - ISO
Ultra compact

This could very well be the lightest 4” on the planet or maybe even the universe. Hyperbole aside, lightweight equal good performance and better crash-ability. We learned that when we developed our ultralight Aeon series. The ISO continues this practice by combining purposefully cut, chamfer and finished carbon fiber… along with centralization of weight in a true-X geometry for an awesome flying experience. When built according to spec with a standard performance 4s 850 mAh LiPo pack, the all up weight (AUW) is below the 250 g weight most government place on recreational flying drone. This translate to more fun in more places without sacrificing the thrills of a performance quad.

One of a kind POD

Refining and using the lessons learn of the Aeon generation 2 pods. The ISO tubular structure serves to achieve it’s core isolation of electronics as well as protect them. It’s a super tough and strong material process that allows us to transcend the limitations of design often found with molds or traditional 3D-printing.

ISO one of a kind POD 600X600 - ISO
ISO red anodized hardware and lipo pad
7075 Aluminum… the good stuff

Using 7075-T6 heat treated aircraft aluminum ensures ultimate strength while still keeping things light. The 7075-T6 grade hardware maintains the right strength to weight ratio that’s urber important in small performance drones. Hardware is finished off in our signature Drone Art Raging Red anodized finish. 

Custom cut lipo pad

Our signature lipo pad finishes off the design. We went on a search for the best material and finish to ensure that the lipo pad is worthy of our name. The result is a perfect precision cut silicone with 3M backing that compliments the frame. It provides just the perfect amount of grip for minimal bulk and weight. The glossy, tacky surface can be refresh with water.

TrueRC AXII Side Feed Antenna mounts has a mount point above the camera. Protected and angled for optimized radiation pattern during fast flights. 


Visual Excellence

360 Product View

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Product Specifications

ISO General Specs

Size (Diagonal)150 mm
Frame Thickness4 mm
WeightBare frame: 18 g
Hardware7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
POD MaterialUnclassified
POD Weight~ 6 g

Kit Includes the following items

FrameISO Frame
Lipo PadISO Lipo Pad
HardwareISO 7075 T6 Fastener Set
Lipo Strap15 mm x 220 mm

Recommended components

Motor1408 T-motor F20II or 1606 Emax
FCHeli-Nation Talon F4 20 mm x 20 mm
ESCSpedix GS25 4 in 1 ESC 20 mm x 20 mm
VTXRunCam TX200U (mounted to back of camera)
CameraRunCam Micro Eagle or Micro Swift V3 (required)
RXFrSky R-XSR Micro, TBS Crossfire Nano, Spektrum Micro Receiver (of choice)
AntennaDrone Art Side Feed AXII developed by TrueRC Canada
PropsRecommended: HQ Prop 4043 V1S Tris
LipoRecommended: 4s 850 mAh, 3s 1000 mAh
recommended brand runcam spedix truerc - ISO

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