The AEON POD set is versatility at its finest. Design with purpose and function was key. A balance of lightweight and strength, along with a universal style 30.5 x 30.5 mounting offer one of the most unique canopy designs on the market. Experience all details about the revolutionary AEON here. Try the simple AEON Configurator to select the parts required for your complete mechanical build. A camera and component compatibility overview can be found here.


*Additional hardware is required: AEON Fastener Set (for POD)

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Multiversal Design and Build

The AEON POD has a unique design that offers a versatile building platform while keeping everything compact. With a 30.5×30.5 base, and mounting points for 20×20 and 16×16, it offers a “Christmas tree” build up design, allowing you versatility in building with many different variable setups.

The Hood

The camera hood with it’s petal design offers front protection to the lens of the cam while keeping a minimal type appearance that flows into the POD so the cam design itself can be seen. Made specifically to use with the Runcam Micro Swift V2 or the Foxeer Micro Arrow, the hood offers stopping points of 35 and 45 degree camera angle or flip upside down to offer 15 and 30 degree angles.

*Other hood options are available to support other micro cam options on the market.


Production Process

We aren’t willing to give away the full process of this newer technology being brought into the drone industry, but it allows for rapid processing so integrating changes for compliance with new released products such as new FPV cams can be quickly implemented. Also after studying and testing a number of different materials we found this material to offer the best balance of weight and rigidity to flex ratio.

The Extra's

Opening the custom grid box, you’ll find an assortment of extra pieces. Standoffs for all 3 mounting points give more versatility for building. FPV cam spacers for those that like to live dangerously without any cam protection or want to run another brand of micro FPV cam. Antenna hinges made to support AXII antennas within the antenna mount point. Even a nano AEON frame is included to hang out on your workbench.

Image Gallery

What’s included

wn 1 - AEON POD Set

1 x Cage box

wn 2 - AEON POD Set

1 x POD

wn 3 - AEON POD Set

1 x Hood

wn 4 - AEON POD Set

8 x Spacer (2mm)

wn 5 - AEON POD Set

8 x Spacer (3mm)

wn 6 - AEON POD Set

2 x FPV cam spacer

wn 7 - AEON POD Set

3 x AXII antenna clamp adapter

wn 8 - AEON POD Set

1 x Nano AEON frame

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