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The AEON series from it’s conception has focused on obsession of perfection in an understated and ultralight design. Every detail has purpose and flow for even the most distinguished builder. With the ability to select the desired options it gives you the versatility to choose what you want. You can scroll the page to see highlights of each item or you can find out more details about the AEON here.

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The Frame

Not just another mass produced frame, you’ll notice and feel the difference the moment the AEON frame is in your grip.There was a no compromise focus in our quest of  finding the best carbon sheets available to cut from. The plain twill 4mm carbon with 0-90 degree uni-fibre layup runs length-ways down each arm, maximizing the strength of the carbon and arms. It’s central X structure at the core, will ensure any force from impact is consistently spread across the entire design.Each frame is machined with a bit that had to be custom ordered to meet the specifications of the cutting process. Once cut the edges are finished with a slight chamfer and each frame is hand cleaned and polished, giving an amazing smooth as silk feel.

Tested by respected pilots, the design of the AEON has been proven flight after flight and crash after crash.

aeon configurator page frame variations 888x407 - AEON Configurator
aeon configurator page centert frame - AEON Configurator

Feature Highlights

  • Ultralight designs offer a minimum weight build when paired with our POD
  • Frame support for standard 30.5 mm X 30.5 mm stack
  • The AEON UL12 is the lightest frame on market with 5″ prop clearance
aeon configurator page aeon scale - AEON Configurator

Lipo Pad

The AEON Lipo Pads are made of a high grade silicone with a perfect blend of pliability and grip. 2mm thick candy red silicone Backed with 3M adhesive, they will ensure your lipo stays locked in. Choose the right set for your AEON UL12, UL16, or HD frame.

aeon configurator page battery pad - AEON Configurator


The AEON POD set is versatility at its finest. A perfect blend of lightweight compact design and strength. With a 30.5×30.5 (universal) base, and mounting points for 20×20 and 16×16, it offers a “Christmas tree” build up design, allowing you versatility in building with many different variable setups. The camera hood with it’s petal design offers front protection to the lens of the cam while keeping a minimal type appearance that flows into the POD so the cam design itself can be seen. Made specifically to use with the Runcam Micro Swift V2 or the Foxeer Micro Arrow, the hood offers stopping points of 35 and 45 degree camera angle or flip upside down to offer 15 and 30 degree angles.

*Note: Other hood options for other micro camera options on the market will be available soon.

Feature Highlights

  • Coming in under 6 grams the POD makes for a light and compact build
  • Extra’s are included, such as standoffs, bare cam mounting pads, and AXII Antenna adapters to give more versatility to your build
  • A new production process brought to the drone industry offers superior rigidity to flex ratio
aeon configurator page pod side by side 888x407 - AEON Configurator
POD EXPLODED WHITE 800x550 - AEON Configurator

POD Hardware Set

The AEON POD Hardware Set gives you all the screw assortments you need to complete your POD build. The aluminum is cold rolled rather than machined. This not only creates a much stronger hardware, but is also a higher cost to produce process. This hardware was created to be some of the best you’ll find and will outshine much of the cheaper machined 7075 or often used 6061 hardware found on the market. Finished off in a blue or red anodized custom finish, the 7075 T6 cold rolled aluminum offers only the highest quality .

Aeon Blue Pod Fasteners Transparency 800x550 - AEON Configurator

Lipo Strap

We spent a lot of time looking for lipo straps that break the standard. Durability, design and detail were the top 3 requirements. Test after test has proven for what we believe to be some of the best straps on the market. Most straps use a hot pressing method for holding the buckle in place. This often times becomes a weak spot after the strap gets pressure applied time and time again from strapping down your batteries. Our strap uses a Kevlar stitching to ensure even the tightest of tension doesn’t break down the strength of the strap. It’s not only applied at the buckle end, but the stitching travels down both sides of the strap, so no more fraying or layers separating.

aeon configurator page battery straps - AEON Configurator

The Motor

At under 26g with short wire, this weight best previous generation 2305 by 3-4g. Each gram saved at the end of an arm, decreases the lever forces that occurs during unintended crash landings. Effectively minimizing the chance of critical damage. While in in the air, those grams savings help maintain roll and pitch agility. Performance gain by refinement, rather than simply adding to stator size and mass. The trifecta of lightweight, performance and design is unlocked when combined with our AEON frame and POD. Add to that the unmistakable and design and attention to details for a true work of art!

aeon configurator page aurora motor two - AEON Configurator
aeon configurator page aurora motor - AEON Configurator

POD Support

For those wanting to build the POD with an All In One (AIO) 4n1 ESC/FC board and want extra strength added to the structure the 20x20mm carbon support will not only offer you extra strength in the central POD structure, but also give you an x-brace plate for mounting extras such as your Rx of vTx board.

aeon configurator page support cf plate - AEON Configurator

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  • 90030RC 90031RC LB 00 FB 2400 - Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set

    Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set


Does the AEON POD include hardware?

The AEON POD is a stand alone product to make the plastic parts available as a economical spare part as necessary. To complete the build it will require either our 7075 T6 cold rolled aluminum AEON POD Hardware Set which can be found here or you can use your own hardware to complete.

What are the hardware requirements?

Please refer to the AEON Fastener Set (for POD) to know what hardware requirements are needed based on the type of build you are using.

What electronics fit the AEON POD?

The AEON base is 30.5 mm. inside the POD you’ll find mounting points for 20 mm x 20 mm and 16 mm x 16 mm.  Grommet isolated 20 mm x 20 mm FC’s are supported with a isolation maximizing bushes inserted inside the grommets to avoid over compression of the grommets.

The frames support both 30 mm and 30.5 mm mounting.  The pod is 30.5 mm, but should still fit the Flyduino KISS CC etc due to the compatibility hole clearance of the KISS series.

30.5 mm – Most 30.5 mm 4in1 ESC or AIO on the market will fit with the spacers that are available in the POD Set.

20 mm x 20 mm – The 20 mm x 20 mm is more compact so while many boards may fit some will not if they have a lot of extra PCB sticking out past the mounting points.  Also check positioning of the USB / UART connectors do not interfere. The connectors need to be orientated underneath the board and to either side to clear the pod sides (by flipping the FC upside down if necessary).  Limited clearance is allowed for in the front / rear under board directions.

16 mm x 16 mm – The 16 mm x 16 mm on the top is also a compact area for use of mounting 16 mm x 16 mm boards.  A 16 mm x 16 mm CF plate will be available to mount smaller VTXs.

Refer to the compatibility table below for further details concerning confirmed compatible components or open a new service ticket if in doubt. 

What cameras fit the AEON POD?

The included stock hood is made to use with the Runcam Micro Swift 2.  The included camera spacers/washers can be used with the Runcam Micro Arrow or some other 19 mm cameras on the market, and also for more or less tilt than the hood supported from 15 to 45 degree angle. Refer to the table below for further camera compatibility details or open a new service ticket if in doubt. 

Compatibility Component Matrix

30.5 mm boards:20 mm boards:16 mm boards:VTX Antennas:Not compatible:
Most 30.5 boardsESC:VTX:TrueRC AXII (Custom Length)Ubad Half 16 x 16
AIO board:Hobbywing Xrotor Nano 20AFurious FPV MnovaMost Dipole AntennasAirbot Omnibus F4 Nano
Sunrise Siskin AIOFC:Using 16 x 16 CF support:
4in1 ESC:Furious PIKO F4 (pins removed)HGLRC GTX Nano VTX
Spedix GS35AMatek F4 Mini
Racerstar Tatoo_S 35A 4in1VTX:
Airbot Typhoon 32 35A 4in1Hobbywing Xrotor VTX
Aikon SEFM 30A 4in1HGLRC TX20 V2

Compatibility Camera Table

Camera type:Hood type:
Runcam Micro Swift 2Stock Hood
Runcam Micro ArrowStock Spacers/Washers
Predator MicroDedicated Hood – Separate Purchase
Micro EagleDedicated Hood – Separate Purchase
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