Drone Art Aurora Wire


Drone Art Aurora Wire offers motor wire protection while also making your quad look awesome in the air with 6 LED’s available in 4 color options: Blue, green, white and purple.


Note: The listing is for 4 pieces

USD 9.90

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With the launch of Racewire, many have found the benefits of putting it to use for quicker motor exchanges and not having to worry about prop strike slicing up the wires. The Aurora wire was created to take it a step further.

Although there have been a few other variations now released, we wanted to take the best attributes of all and bring them together into a single product. We took our design directly to one of our favorite creators (Cheng Lin) of CL_Racing and we worked sided by side on the project together.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Aurora wire is that the LED’s are centered on the frame rather than offset to one side and also they run horizontal rather than vertical. Although it may be a small detail, having them centered on the board rather than offset was a big deal to us. On the sides you’ll find pads allowing for easily running extra LED’s on the bottom side of the arm as well or you can let your creativity flow for what other ideas you can come up with.

Also you’ll notice that the board isn’t your standard rectangle shape. We wanted to add a bit of the Drone Art Touch to the design to differentiate it from the others on the market. But it also serves function in flowing into the staggered pad design for easier soldering without the worry of bridging two pads.

Also included is clear heat shrink tubing to offer extra protection from prop strike and also give protection else where. It also adds a little extra touch of glow at night.

89252RC LED closeup 888 888x592 - Drone Art Aurora Wire

What’s included

wn 1 - Drone Art Aurora Wire

4 x Aurora Wire

wn 2 - Drone Art Aurora Wire

4 x Clear Heat Shrink

Drone Art Aurora Wire

Weight:0.75 g
Dimensions:42 mm x 9 mm x 0.8mm
Lipo Input:3-6 s
Color:Blue, Green, White, Purple
Unit Qty:4 Aurora Wire & 4 clear heat shrink
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