Imprimo 1103 7500KV Brushless Motor


Power packed performance in a very small package, these 1103 motors are ready to handle what you can throw at them.





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With 3-pin connector already installed for plug and play installation to our 4n1 ESC/FC stack, you can be up and fly in no time. Direct compatibility with our RC EYE Imprimo, but also ready to go on any 50-100mm build, this motor is a great choice. At 7500Kv it offers a good balance of performance while still giving a solid flight time. A lightweight but robust design ensures solid reliability and durability. Standard 1.5mm shaft with prop screw mounts makes it a universal standard for the many different prop options on the market.

What’s included

wn 1 - Imprimo 1103 7500KV Brushless Motor

1 x 1103 7500KV motor

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