Imprimo 4n1 20×20 BLHeli_S ESC


A 20A ESC capable of handling power of up to 5S. Mates perfectly with our FC via inter-board connecter and 3 pin motor connectors.







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– Corner LEDs (blue) for illumination.
– MOSFET for each individual ESC, ensuring clean power to all 4 ESC motor drivers.
– Capable of handling up to 5S power, which is impressive for a 20 mm X 20 mm size ESC.
– FC and ESC both quickly snap together with an inter-board connector.

The Drone Art 4n1 is no slouch and offers some of the biggest performance available in a 20 x 20 board. While most boards share MOSFET’s for all 4 ESC’s, each ESC on our board has it’s own to ensure clean power all the way around. This also allows our board to handle a higher current load than others on the market. Paired with the inter-board connector for matching up to our FC, and 3 pin connection for our 1103 Drone Art series motors.

What’s included

wn 1 - Imprimo 4n1 20x20 BLHeli_S ESC

1 x ESC board

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