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Combining two technology trends into one creative product. The Imprimo combines 3D printing technology and modern multi-copter engineering into the smallest and best performance ratio micro-copter available anywhere. A true art piece presented by Drone Art. 3 model options are available. Discover the details about the Imprimo options here.

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3D Frame and versatile construction

Pilots have the option to 3D print the unique Imprimo frame design or make use of the included carbon fiber frame. The 3D printed frame is a design marvel, snapping together seamlessly while providing extra sturdiness, durability and proper protection against crashes. It takes just minutes to assemble the Imprimo.

Drone2282 600 - Imprimo

The 3D printed frame offers a wide choice of application, install the FPV option or keep the unit as light as possible for your line of sight indoor flying. A frame designed with a strong focus on its intended application, user friendliness, ease of use and simple maintenance. You crash hard – print your new frame in any color combination you like. You just require a printer with 100 mm X 100 mm printing size.

Drone2255 600x600 - Imprimo

The flight control (FC) system is specifically developed for the Imprimo. It offers support for Betaflight parameter setting, Dshot 600, a choice of transmitter selection including FrSky, Spektrum and our very own Drone Art Xtreme V2 transmitter.

Drone2065 600 - Imprimo

A 4-in-1 speed controller with 20 Ampere power drives the 4 brushless 1103 motors with 7500 kV each. This is more than enough to drive the standard 1935 tri-blade propellers. The speed controller is Dshot 600 enabled for best performance and seamless integration with Betaflight.

Drone2361 600 - Imprimo

The FPV transmitter provides 22 channels by default. It allows to unlock to 48 channels including Raceband.

BNF ready for the expert in you. Select from two receiver options, including Spektrum and FrSky compatible receivers to bind to your favorite radio system. Use your existing Drone Art Xtreme V2 transmitter for ease of use.

Drone2300 600 - Imprimo

Cross platform configuration tool for Betaflight flight control system. Allows you to configure your aircraft via a graphic user interface (GUI). The Imprimo’s flight control board is compatible with Betaflight version 3.2.x. The GUI application and flight controller are both open-source.

Drone1994 600 - Imprimo

Feedback during flight is important. The Imprimo has a set of tiny LEDs integrated in each corner of the upper FC and lower ESC board. The multi-colored LEDs provide visual feedback such as flight mode and error codes or even FPV frequency selected.

Drone2344 1 600 - Imprimo

Replacing a damaged motor, flight- or speed controller is easy. Despite its very small footprint of just 20 mm X 20 mm the flight controller and speed controller use reliable sockets for motor connectors and board interconnectors. It ensures quick and easy maintenance work.

Drone2329 600 - Imprimo

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What's included

wn 1 - Imprimo

1 x Flight Controller w/ RX

wn 2 - Imprimo

1 x 4in1 ESC

wn 3 - Imprimo

1 x Carbon Fiber Frame

wn 4 - Imprimo

1 x LiPo Battery

wn 5 - Imprimo

1 x USB LiPo Charger

wn 6 - Imprimo

1 x Silicone LiPo Pad

wn 7 - Imprimo

3 x LiPo Retention Band

wn 8 - Imprimo

1 x Hardware Screw Set

wn 9 - Imprimo

2 x Complete Propeller Set

wn 10 - Imprimo

4 x Brushless Motors

wn 11 - Imprimo

1 x Canopy Set

FPV Version Includes

wn 1 - Imprimo

1 x Camera with 5.8 GHz VTX AIO

Item needed to complete

wn 1 - Imprimo

Drone Art V2 Radio

wn 2 - Imprimo

Spektrum® radio, 7+ channels

wn 3 - Imprimo

FrSky® radio, 7+ channels


Size75 mm X 75 mm
Weight43 g (no FPV), 47 g (FPV), 53 g (FPV-HD)
Battery2S, 300 mAh, 35 - 70C, 17 g
Flight ControllerBetaflight 3.2.x ready
LED SupportBoth FC and ESC at corner
TX Frequency2.4 GHz
TX Compatibility (*1)FrSky®, Spektrum®, DroneArt V2
Flight Mode3 (Stabilized, Horizon, Rate)
FramePrintable and Carbon
Print Size100 mm X 100 mm
Recommended PrinterRenkforce RF100 V2
Printing Time8 h (0.1 mm layer height)

*1: Depending on order option selected.

Drive System

Motor1103, 7500 kV
ESC4-in-1 Type, 20 A
Voltageup to 5S
ESC FirmwareDshot 600
Propeller Type1935, Tri-Blade
Propeller Length1.9 "
Propeller Pitch3.5 "
Propeller Weight0.68 g

FPV Option

Channels48 ch
Raceband (*3)Yes
VTX Frequency5.8 GHz, analog
Field of View (FOV)Horizontal 120° / Vertical 100°
Sensor TypePAL 720 X 540 / NTSC 640 X 480 1/4"
Video Resolution480p
Recording OptionNo
Frequency5362 ~ 5945 MHz
Latencymax. 20 ms
Output25 mW
Supply Voltage2.9 - 5.5 V


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  • 89207RC 00 LB FB 2400 - Imprimo F3 20X20 FC

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  • 89194RC 00 LB FB 2400 - Imprimo Hardware Set

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    USD 3.50
  • 89193RC LB 00 FB 2400 - Imprimo LiPo Retention Band

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    USD 3.00
  • 89188RC LB 00 FB 2400 - Imprimo Micro AIO Camera 5.8GHz

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  • 89192RC LB 00 FB 2400 - Imprimo Silicone LiPo Pad

    Imprimo Silicone LiPo Pad

    USD 3.00


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