ISO Fastener Set (For Pod)

Performance Line

The ISO Fastener Set gives you all the hardware assortments you need to complete your POD build. Polished in our custom raging red finish.  The 7075 T6 set is of the highest quality.

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The aluminum is cold rolled rather than machined. This not only creates a much stronger hardware, but also higher cost-to- produce process. This hardware was created to be some of the best you’ll find and will outshine much of the cheaper machined 7075 or often used 6061 hardware found on the market. Purchasing our hardware kit ensures you won’t be dealing with the frustrations of stripped heads or threads on your build.


Thread rolling is widely accepted as the fastest and preferred method of economically producing uniform smooth, precise threads of superior physical qualities.

Cold working of metal during thread rolling improves thread form physical characteristics and mechanical properties. When thread is rolled, the structure is deformed and the surface is hardened. Increased surface hardness result in thread form properties that are superior to those of the original material.


Rolled threads maintain consistently closer tolerances and uniformity than cut thread. Thread rolling is unique in its ability to maintain accuracy of the original set up during long runs of high-speed production. Dies do not change appreciably during the life of the rolls. They do not wear like other types of threading tools.

Resistance to Fatigue

Thread rolling increases the part’s resistance to fatigue failure in several different ways. Rolling between smooth dies leaves the thread with smooth burnished roots and flanks, free from tears, chatter or cutter marks that can serve as focal points of stress and, therefore, starting points for fatigue failures.

Rolling also leaves the surface layers of the thread, particularly those in the roots, stressed in the compression. These compressive stresses must be overcome before the tensile stresses can be built up, which alone, can cause fatigue failures. This increase in root hardness, up to 30%, adds considerably to the parts resistance to fatigue.

6061 vs 7075

6061 aluminum is one of the most commonly used metals in the industry due to it’s versatility and wide range of applications. Considered the “common aluminum” in hardware, it can easily be machined or rolled and also easily anodized. It’s definitely the cheaper alternative. The downfall is that it’s a much softer metal and has a much lower strength to weight ratio which in the end can result in stripping of threads, head or breakage.

7075 on the other hand is usually reserved for high performance applications where the best is required, such as the automotive or aviation transport industries. Due to its strength, 7075 is not as easily produced or as versatile. The process of creation is much more complex and the anodizing process is complicated to get coloring correct and consistent due to the density of the 7075.  In the end, 7075 is a more expensive material in creation and producing, but the end result is a far superior product.

6061 vs 7075._hardware_set_update

What’s included

wn 1 - ISO Fastener Set (For Pod)

9 x M3x16mm Button

wn 2 - ISO Fastener Set (For Pod)

10 x M2x4mm CSK

wn 3 - ISO Fastener Set (For Pod)

3 x M2x4mm Button

wn 4 - ISO Fastener Set (For Pod)

3 x M3x4mm Set Screw

ISO Fastener Set

Material7075 T6 Aluminum
ProcessCold rolled
FinishAnodized red
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