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The ISO POD set is truly a stand out from the crowd. A true masterpiece thought up by our designer Soma and made in our unique production process to ensure strength and lightweight.


*Additional hardware is required: ISO Fastener Set (for POD)

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Built-in Isolation

Direct mount your FC without any worry of the vibes. The arm design in which the boards mount on and the material they are made of help in isolating them from the resonance experienced on the frame. This unique design built directly into the POD keeps the build super clean and low profile.

Camera Options

The ISO offers 2 different camera options built into the single camera mount bracket.  The Runcam Micro Eagle or Micro Swift 3. There is mounting locations for each and the Micro Swift 3 can also accept the GoPro lens upgrade making this possibly the smallest frame on the market that you can use the larger lens cameras on.

For the Builder

We’ll be the first to admit the ISO is for the builder that wants to create something special. Due to keeping everything compact a fairly specific set of components is recommended.

You can find our recommendation of electronics in the Recommended electronics section along with the build guide.

One of a Kind

The specialty process of creating the ISO POD is the same unique process we use for our AEON POD design. It’s a super tough/strong material and what makes it truly unique is that it doesn’t have the limitations often found in molds or 3D printing procedures.

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What’s included

wn 1 - ISO POD Set

1 x ISO POD Cube with all the goodness inside

Item needed to complete

wn 1 - ISO POD Set

1 x ISD POD Fastener Set

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