Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set


A set of 3 straps available in two sizes. Lipo straps, lipo straps, lipo straps. Everybody’s got ‘em. But these aren’t just your standard piece of cloth and velcro, this is Drone Art after all. We set out to make lipo straps that don’t just feel and look premium, but also offer more strength and durability. You don’t want to be wasting precious flying time replacing broken straps. Strap your lipo’s tight and know we got you covered.

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Strength and Durability

We spent a lot of time looking for lipo straps that break the standard. Durability, design and detail were the top 3 requirements. Test after test has proven for what we believe to be some of the best straps on the market.

Kevlar Stitching

Most straps use a hot pressing method for holding the buckle in place. This often times becomes a weak spot after the strap gets pressure applied time and time again from strapping down your batteries. Our strap uses a Kevlar stitching to ensure even the tightest of tension doesn’t break down the strength of the strap. It’s not only applied at the buckle end, but the stitching travels down both sides of the strap, so no more fraying or layers separating.

90030RC LB 00 FB 680x402 - Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set

Metal Buckle

Taking the strength a step further our straps offer a metal buckle in place of the standard plastic buckle. We all know the plastic buckle just doesn’t stand up to the crashes, hot and cold temperatures, or the needed tension that’s applied over and over. So we alleviated the worry of the buckle cracking or breaking by replacing it with a polished steel metal buckle. No more worrying weather your strap will need to be replaced after that “New Best Crash Ever” moment.

90031RC ZB 01 FB 680 - Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set

Non-Slip Grip

Another big downfall to many lipo straps is even with tension is really tight there is that feeling like the battery could still slip out or needs extra additional material between the lipo and strap to ensure It’s held in place. Using a patented non-slip silicone surface material gives the confidence that once the lipo is in place it’s not going anywhere!

90031RC LB 01 FB 2400 2 - Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set

#Dronesomeness Details

We not only wanted to ensure our straps were better in function but also had special touches that just let you know… hey this strap is different. Details include reversed color stitching, engraving on the metal buckle, and a slimmer 12mm & 15mm (standard is 15mm & 18mm) width so that it can work with even the tightest strap slots and ensure no rubbing/friction of the sides that are sometimes encountered on some frames on the market. Oh and speaking of slots, we even thought about the placement of our drone icon so that it sits in the center of the Drone Art AEON line of frames when installed. All of this is topped off with our Drone Art Logo ready to be displayed when your lipo is locked down. Simply pure #DRONESOMENESS.

Image Gallery

Lipo Battery Straps (12 mm) Includes

wn 1 - Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set

2 x Battery Strap black, 1 x Battery Strap red (12mm x 150mm)

Lipo Battery Straps (15 mm) Includes

wn 1 - Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set

2 x Battery Strap black, 1 x Battery Strap red (15mm x 220mm)


DRONEART STRAP LINE 1024 - Non-Slip Silicone Battery Strap Set
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