NovaX Motor

RC EYE NovaX 350

The RC Logger official replacement Brushless Motor for the NovaX.

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The RC Logger official replacement brushless motor and ensures both quality and flight stability for your NovaX.


What’s included

wn 1 - NovaX Motor

1 x Brushless Motor

wn 2 - NovaX Motor

1 x Spinner Set

wn 3 - NovaX Motor

1 x Hexagonal Key Tool

wn 4 - NovaX Motor

Small Parts

wn 5 - NovaX Motor

Operating Instructions

Motor Specifications

LiPo2-4 s
Motor Kv1400
Motor Max. Continuous Current26 A
Motor Max. Continuous Power384 W
Motor Outside Diameter⌀ 1.08 x 1.02 inches (⌀ 27.5 x 26 mm)
Motor Resistance (Rm)106 mΩ
Motor Weight1.55 oz (44 g)
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