NovaX Retractable Landing Gear

RC EYE NovaX 350

The Retractable Landing Gear designed for the RC EYE NovaX 350 allows the landing legs to move up to not obstruct the view of the camera.

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The NovaX retract system – This system is for those who wish to step their game up in the wonderful world of Aerial Photography / Videography. Tired of seeing those annoying landing gear legs, and skids interrupting that perfect video you are trying to capture? We’ve got you covered! The Retract system moves the landing legs up, and out of the way perfectly. Now you can have unparalleled panning of your gimbal without worrying about anything interfering with your footage!

A simple to install solution – Designed for any easy swap with the stock landing gears of your NovaX in mind. The solution is plug and play. It is fully assembled, and features robust carbon fiber construction. High strength motors, and a solid working mechanism with vibration dampening springs to make sure everything stays put while in flight.

Designed for ease of use – The only tools required to install is a simple #2 Phillips screwdriver. Simply remove the existing frame plate, and fasten the new retract plate into place! The NovaX is already pre-programmed to accept the connectors, and in no time, you will be up and flying! See how easy they are to install here:

What’s included

wn 1 - NovaX Retractable Landing Gear

1 x Assembled retractable landing gear (Carbon Fiber Landing Legs are not included)

wn 2 - NovaX Retractable Landing Gear

2 x Landing leg mount

wn 3 - NovaX Retractable Landing Gear

4 x Spring

wn 4 - NovaX Retractable Landing Gear

1 x Allen key

wn 5 - NovaX Retractable Landing Gear

1 x Operating instructions

Technical Specifications

Operating currentMax. 900 mA at 4.8 V ; Max. 1000 mA at 6.0 V
Operating temperature-10 °C to 50 °C
Operating voltage4.8 V - 6.0 V
Servo travel60 degree
Signal inputPWM (high-pulse width: 800 us - 2200 us)

Physical Specifications

Weight3.35 oz (95 g) (without Carbon Fiber Landing Legs)
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