RC Logger Datalink

RC EYE NovaX 350

The RC Logger Datalink attaches to the R8 transmitter and allows for long range communication between the NovaX 350 and the EYEControl App. Enabling full control of Task Point Command System (T.P.C.S.) and NovaX flight settings.

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Adding the Datalink to the R8 transmitter and linking it to our EYEControl App allows full user control like never before. We’re taking the NovaX 350 and the Navigator 250 to a whole new level!

Unleash the full capabilities of the NovaX 350 & the Navigator 250

The Datalink attached to the R8 transmitter enables real time communication between your NovaX 350 / Navigator 250 and EYEControl App. This means you get to view the flight path, commands along with all the details of your pre-programmed flight as it’s happening directly on your Android or iOS device!

Complete control directly on your smart device

Set your altitude, velocity, orientation, hold time and even custom task to perform at each task point along the way. You the pilot are in full control of setting up a completely custom flight path all at the simple press of a few buttons within the EYEControl App.

img 8752 s - RC Logger Datalink
img 8748 s - RC Logger Datalink

Quick and Easy Connection

Adding the Datalink to the R8 transmitter couldn’t be any simpler. Simply have the transmitter turned off and plug in the Datalink to the back of the transmitter. Then turn on transmitter bind the Datalink to the EYEControl App and that’s it. You’re set and ready to use.

Minimalistic Design

When we engineered the Datalink we wanted it to be as small as possible and make it seem as though it’s not even there and we’ve accomplished that. With a direct connection to the R8 transmitter, there’s no wires or cables to worry about and with the built in battery and charging port the module requires no need for replacing batteries. A truly clean design.

Auto off feature

If you forget to turn the Datalink off, no need to worry it’ll take care of it for you. Once the Datalink is not connected for 5 minutes (transmitter off), it will automatically shut off.

What’s included

wn 1 - RC Logger Datalink

1 x RC Logger Datalink

wn 2 - RC Logger Datalink

1 x Operating instructions

App compatibility

Compatible deviceiOS: 9.0 or above ; Android 4.4.2 or above

Technical Specifications

BatteryBuilt-in 1S 40 mAh rechargeable LiPo battery
BluetoothBLE 4.0
Charging current5V / DC 40 mA
DisplayLEDs (Charge / BLE / Low Battery)
FirmwareNovaX FW v 2.0 or above required; Navigator FW 3.0 or above required.
Transmission rangeDatalink - APP: 10 m; Datalink - NovaX: 800 - 1000 m

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D)49 mm x 32 mm x 14 mm
Weight15 g
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