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    Jim W

    where can i tap into the control board of the original EOX to get a 5 volt output to a VTX?

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    There is a 3 pin PPM pin header located at the flight controller. It provides 3 pins, Ground, +5V and PPM Signal.
    The output power is limited so make sure that you do not attach a VTX with too much power as it can harm the FC of the EOX.
    The PPM connector is intended to be used in combination with a receiver.

    The connector is explained here as well. Please take a few moments to watch the video:

    Hope this answer helps you.

    Best regards,
    Chris aka MatLi

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    Jamie Camp

    Based on the voltage your vtx can take there is also this connector that rc-connectors created for the Xtreme, that allows you to pull power directly from the battery. So just ensure your vtx is 2s (7.4v) capable and it’s another option as well.

    Here’s a link to the adapter:


    *Please note we have no affiliation with rc-connectors and using any 3rd party product is to be used at your own risk. There have been a number of customers use this connector for powering their vtx/Camera setup.

    Best regards,


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    Jim W

    This is Great! I already have the adaptor from rc-connectors and I just checked my PPM and I have 5 volts coming out. I picked up a couple more EOX from Amazon recently and I’m using one for the FCB and Motors to build a ‘racing drone’. It wont be fast enough I know (I don’t actually race) but i’m using a carbon fiber frame and Eachine vtx03 with Runcam¬† Nano camera. This is my first build and I’m trying to figure out how it all goes together. (I never knew there were so many types of connectors, I guess soldering and making your own is the standard). My biggest problem now are motor mounts. I cant find Firewall with 6mm bearing tubes. A guy on YouTube used them and they seem perfect.

    Thanks to both of you and its very nice talking to you again.

    Jim W.


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