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    Hey i was reading and the imprismo(sorry spelling)and the extreme 2 will bind to DSM2 and DSMX.So i should have no problem binding these to my Jumper T8SG V2 correct?.If so do you have any kinda of walkthrough or anything for setting up rates and switches?And does the controller that comes with it looks like its in altitude hold mode yes? no way no altitude stick i mean?thanks im getting something new on the first was thinking whoop but.if they bind right up haha jamie going omg nooooooo.It will come perfect :[)

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    I would also like the binding info if available.  Thank you


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    Jim W

    Hey tygger, I just found out about the jumper. I’m wary about something that’s supposed to do it all. Let me know how it works out for you.

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