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    You will need a  4 in 1 module for your Taranis.  Vantage MPM Lite is what I use.

    Channel setup is AETR

    In setup you will choose to turn off internal RF module and turn on external RF module.

    Set external RF module Mode to Multi then DSM

    Subtype is X 11ms ch.Range is ch1-12

    go up and click the box next to E.Limits ( This will allow you to set output channels passed 100%)

    Now go to page 4 Inputs

    Inputs should be (you can do it how ever you like this just how I did it)

    Input1  Ail  Input2  Ele  Input3  Thr  Input4  Rud

    Input5 Source = SD name ARM

    Input6 Source = SA name MOD

    Input7 Source = SC name Alt

    Input8 Source = SB name Cam

    Now go to page 5  Choice source and name for channels 5-8

    CH5 =  Mod  Mix name = FMode  (Switch Down = Full Acro, Mid = Horizon Mode, Up = Sport Mode)

    CH6 = Arm  Mix name = Armed (Switch UP is armed)

    CH7 = Alt  Mix name = AltHold (Switch Up is Altitude Hold)

    CH8 = Cam  Mix name = Camera   (On this switch mid switch is off. Down is Video and Up will take a picture.)

    Now go to page 6 and edit  ch1 – ch8 setting Min to -141 and Max to 141

    Go back to page one scroll down to (bnd) under External RF turn on the Eye one Extreme v2 and wait 10 sec then click on the bnd.

    You are all done and can now fly your quad with your X-lite or other Taranis Transmitter  if you choose.


    – Sowhat2112



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    Jamie Camp

    Really appreciate you sharing this helpful information. I know it will be a huge help to others who need help with the setup.

    Glad you got it going!


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