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    Jim W

    I’m just curious as to why you chose to go with Spectrum and Frsky. Are they the most commonly used?

    I use a Flysky with my EOX so I’m out of luck? Could I use the RC Logger TX that comes with the Navigator 250?

    JimW   (P.S. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!)

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    Jim W

    I just noticed that you answered my question about transmitters in another part of the forum. I’m still wondering if the original R8 TX will work with the Imprimo (also the original EOX). Also, since the EOX V2 TX will work with the Imprimo, I’m wondering what protocol the V2 TX emulates, Spectrum or Frsky. Sorry for probably sounding so ignorant but unfortunately I am.

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    Jamie Camp

    Hey Jim,

    Hope you had a great Christmas and your 2019 is off to a great start!

    In regards to your question, yes we chose Frsky and Spektrum only because the are the most popular options currently in the industry. Also due to the small size and integrating the receiver directly into the flight controller, then it required some engineering requirements so we couldn’t go after producing many more options when these 2 radio protocols by far outweigh the rest of the market for multi-rotor.

    The R8 radio also doesn’t work as it was it’s own protocol and we went with it back when we were more focused on more of our own protocol for our drones. However as the industry and community has changed, along with our shift of focus we have opened up to join more into the eco-system of what already is on the market.

    Best regards,

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