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    Jim W

    Hi everyone,

    I use both IOS and Android. Does anyone find that one works better than another when using the EyeControl app for both Navigator and Nova? By better I mean less glitchy with Bluetooth connectivity and uploading changes in parameters. Thanks.


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    Jamie Camp

    Hey Jim,

    As for Android, I personally find it to be a sort of mixed bag in terms of what you are asking. Only because there are so many firmware versions and so many different phone hardware specs, along with different companies putting their own spin on it.

    iPhone does have glitches here and there as well, but overall it does seem to be the better to me at least of the phones/tablets I’ve tested. It works fine however on both.

    On the Navigator sometimes the initial first time pairing takes a few times to show up. tip: if it’s not showing up or keeps disconnecting just completely close out the app (swiping off the screen) and then reopen and retry the pairing. It usually works well that time and then works without issue any time after that.


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