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    I have a litle question about the flight modes: is it possible to switch between the modes, and how do you do it,

    and another thing: I have more drohnes, is it possible to use the X3 gimbal on a naza flightcontroller (flamewheel), im aware that perhaps not all the features by X3 can be used (and the mounting)

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    Jamie Camp

    Hey Morten,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Also welcome to the Drone Art forums.  We are glad to have you.

    In regards to our X3 Pro Gimbal, the initial mounting is for our NovaX 350, but definitely could be made to work universally with other frames and designs. May just require a little adjusting/customizing based on mounting, as you mentioned.

    When used with our NovaX 350 the modes of the gimbal cannot be switched. The reason for this is the flight modes are actually setup on a channel on your radio and with our NovaX 350 stock setup then the stock radio doesn’t have other channels available.

    If using the gimbal with other setups (like a Flamewheel) where you have an extra channel on your receiver, than it does come with the proper cables for connecting the gimbal to a channel on your receiver so you can then switch between the 3 flight modes on the gimbal.

    Also you can control the pan and tilt with the cables connected up.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

    If you do purchase the product and need any assistance with setup we will be happy to help assist.

    Best regards,





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      thank you Jamie, I have a litle question I,m a beginner.

      I have seen the ekstra cables to (1 white 1 blue+black), could you show me f.eks a picture how am i connecting to the gimbal ,f.eks on naza flightcontroller i have a f1 and  F2 port ( its because on the novax there are only one connection, thanks

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    sorry i have forgotten , my gimbal is the x3 mini pro (with integrated videotransmitter)

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    back again:

    I think im figured i out: I mounted the 2 ekstra cables (white=Heading ,and brown+black=Mode, to the gimbal

    so to mount the gimbla to f.eks Naza controller:


    blue (in front of the gimbal)= Pitch




    my question is : the output in front (used withnovax 350) has (black+red+blue wires)

    what is the red and black wires for ?

    ( I think I only have to use the blue (pitch) the controller on the model is already powered


    x3-1a                           x3-1

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