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    Jim W

    I see that you can specify Frsky or Spektrum TX. Will the Imprimo connect to the Spektrum TX that comes with the Inductrix?


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    Jamie Camp

    Hey Jim,

    The Imprimo can bind to the basic radio that comes with the Inductrix, however the channel mapping is a little different and also travel points need to be adjusted to work with Betaflight. So it will bind, but won’t fly correctly without having a Spektrum radio that is programmable for setting up.

    I hope that helps answer your question.


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    Jim W

    Thank you Jamie…this sure makes me realize how far behind i am. You lost me at channel mapping…..but this is good. It lets me know what i have to learn.

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      Jim. It takes time. There is so much to learn in this hobby in so many different areas including batteries, charging, soldering, programming and and and … virtually endless.
      Eventually you will get there. Just take your time, ask questions, seek help from online communities and why not contact your local RC club in your area. People in this hobby are usually very helpful in providing answers and support. It sure was a great help to me 🙂

      Best regards,
      Chris aka MatLi

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