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    Jim W

    Hi Jamie and Chris and everyone. I finally got it up in air for some real testing.  Sunny and 45 degrees F.

    Experimenting with GPS, return to home, safe and sport modes. GPS and Basic. (I’m not good enough for expert…yet)

    GPS works very good. Having little glitches when playing around with EYEControl settings involving height of return but probably a little learning curve.  Overall RTH works very well.

    I mounted a Mobius camera on top of the Nav in front of the GPS module which seemed to mess up the GPS system. Your probably thinking…. duh…what did you expect Jim, of course it’s gonna mess it up. Oh well, I’ll figure out a way.(it took great stable video though)

    This drone kicks ass! I’m just beginning my adventure. Thanks for all your help Jamie.

    I’ll keep you posted as my adventure continues



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    Hi Jim.

    Thanks for keep sharing your feedback with us. It’s great to hear that you managed to get yourself familiarized with the Navigator 250. I believe, although it never became a super big seller, that the Navigator 250 concept is a good learning platform for those who want to venture into FPV. Certainly there are advantages and disadvantages if it comes to the details of the concept. The GPS and other pilot assist features for sure add to the positive learning experience with the Navigator 250. In contrast, the unit is relatively heavy and does not respond that agile especially in beginner mode.

    However, this can be an advantage as well since beginners may find it difficult to control something that is just too fast and agile. In sport mode or for experts, the Navigator 250 is performing super powerful and has all the agility one would expect. Its overall mass may still require extra caution to slow the craft down. Personally I still favor it and believe it’s a great drone.

    As for your experience with the Mobius, yes, this is an known issue since some devices just don’t really follow FCC regulations and virtually create too much noise. Position the camera perhaps differently in order to avoid interference with the sensitive GPS electronics of the Navigator 250. Please keep us posted on your further experience and perhaps share some of the video material with us and the community. Looking forward!

    Best regards,
    Chris aka MatLi

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    Jamie Camp

    Hey Jim,

    Great to hear that you are having a great experience with the Navigator. I share the same sentiments as Chris. The Navigator definitely was and still is in it’s own way ahead of many of the items on the market in offering GPS in a more FPV “racer” type package.

    As for your Mobius, it may be a challenge to find one on the market any longer due to the age, but I remember at one point (I think around 2014) a company started creating a shielded housing for the Mobius for this exact reason. It was a replacement housing just like the OEM housing but was coated on the inside to offer shielding so it wouldn’t have any effect on other electronics such as GPS.

    It might not be the prettiest alternative but you could also try wrapping the Mobius with copper tape. This would help in shielding the RF interference that it gives off.

    I hope that may be of some help and excited to continue to hear more about your endeavors with the Navigator.


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    Jim W

    Hi Jamie, great to hear from you. I posted because I wanted you to know that I didn’t disappear. I have copper tape. I use it to make a Faraday cage for my bass guitars pick up cavities. I’ll figure out something. Thanks.


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