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    Gary Hasberry

    Any updates on my support ticket SRN-21304460 that i placed the other day abought the issues i was having with the  camera stabilization system on my 250 ?

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    Hi there Gary.

    Your support ticket is already follow-up. You should have received a notification and status update. It’s always a good idea to keep the communication within one area, e.g. the support ticket area, otherwise the support team may get confused. Tickets, depending on actual work volume, are usually replied to within maximum 4 days in case that there is a weekend in-between. Please take note that you can always reply to a ticket or add comments directly within the ticket system.

    Let me know in case you need any further help.

    P.S.: For security reasons the ticket number has been removed from the subject line.

    Best regards,
    Chris aka MatLi

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    Gary Hasberry

    Ok thanks.


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