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    bought the novax 350 earlier this yes loved from the beginning , liked it cause it didn’t look like anything out there. but only issue that bothered me was the receiver plugs stick out why.  I did like everyone suggested build up the double sided tape moved it to the feather out of the carbon fiber frame. the only issue is the plug that faces downward doesn’t stay plugged I push it in till it clicks but I went out the other day and started to fly day was alittle bit windy while I was in mid flight it fell out of the sky it said connection lost totally crashed. took out gopro crashed hard now into multiple pieces. Facebook private messaged they told me to explained it in customer service. I have heard nothing. not very impressed with everything with drone art. I have 8 total drones never had any issues like this. the novax 350 is not the only thing I have from this company I have the goggles which are not that bad the battery a little to get use to. if your reading this i would silicone the plugs in if I was you.

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