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    Jim W

    Hi everybody in  Droneart land,

    I finally was able to take the 350 on its maiden flight. What a phenomenal drone! Everything seemed to work as it should (almost, I’ll get to that later. Not a big deal.). The GPS was rock solid. RTH was right on target. Great…. great…. machine.

    The almost is due to the battery strap. Is that the best you could come up with? lol. It already broke. (It comes with a spare, I know)I knew the first time I saw it there was gonna be a problem lol. Anybody out there come up with a mod that is much simpler? I’ll figure something out.

    Now getting back to my Flysky and EOX. Hey Jamie….I got it to work. I can get all three flight modes. Not the same as the original. I had to disable altitude hold on channel 6  by turning off throttle hold and setting it to zero. I never used it with the EOX anyway. It never really worked that good. It was too sensitive to the left stick movement and wind would push it around. For some reason channel 6 altitude hold was messing things up. But who cares. The EOX still belongs in the drone hall of fame! That EOX is still a joy to fly! I’m gonna take out the Nav250 as soon as the batteries charge up.



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    Jim W

    The family….


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