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    Jim W

    Why is there a trapdoor above the camera? (lol, I’m so sorry  for not getting all my questions together at once and I apologize for causing all this with the tickets. I don’t understand your ticket system. The forum used to be much more active, like a chat room. Now nobody is ever here.

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    You can access the Camera and servo threw the rap door.Its about all i can see.

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    Jamie Camp

    Hey Jim,

    I am responding here now since I think it may be more helpful then responding in the ticket system to answer each question individually. 🙂 Also don’t stop asking. I am here on the forums and available any time.

    In regards to the trap door. The reason for this was in the original design of the Navigator there was an FPV camera that actually had a micro SD built in for onboard recording. This of course was a head of it’s time at the time and so therefor in the end the quality of the camera image quality never reached out satisfaction so we had to revert to a better quality camera image that also had a lower lag time. Now with advances then there could be camera options on the market that might could be dropped in if wanting to add the onboard recording.

    Hope that helps answer the question. 🙂


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    Jim W

    Wow…..yeah that’s something I’ll look into eventually

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