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    Jim W

    Hi Jamie its me again. I almost got it to work. The only thing missing is I can’t get it into expert mode. SWC goes green at top, green in middle and orange at bottom. I just kept trying all different permutations of endpoints on SWD and got it to go from normal mode to altitude hold like its supposed to. The endpoints are different from the working model1 however.

    What I don’t get is how the TX RX CB talk to each other. when I do channel learning…whos learning? The RX  the CB…both? I’m thinking the RX gets the signal from the TX and tells the CB. where is channel learning info stored? On the RX or CB?

    When I change endpoints do I have to go through the learning process again? Remember how channel six would keep blinking after assigning the switch? When I went through the learning process today it did the same thing. It wouldn’t stop blinking. I got distracted messing with endpoints and noticed the top led was blinking green. It somehow accepted the channel assignment after a minute or so.

    Also, I’m doing all this in a room with WiFi signals, Bluetooth, and Roku all beaming around. Can this have an effect?





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