RC EYE Xtreme v2 Series

Bridging FPV Racing to the Consumer
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“Bringing FPV racing excitement from the world’s  top racing leagues to the consumer. Be able to experience what FPV racing is about without the hassle of having to build your own flying machine. The Xtreme V2 and the V2 Vantage Limited Edition are designed to build a bridge from professional racing pilots to the average consumer pilot. ”

The Xtreme V2 is a 180 size ready-to-fly fun and FPV quadcopter integrated with a razor-sharp HD camera, real-time video transmission and HD video recording system with an integrated 4.3″ color monitor.

The limited edition Xtreme V2 Vantage Package is for those that are ready for an out of the box fully immersive FPV (First Person View) experience. No guesswork, nothing else to buy. This is the complete setup! The main key feature of the Vantage Package is it includes the Vantage FPV headset. With this package you are stepping into the next level.

Engineered specifically to be used with the Xtreme V2, we focused on you being able to open the box, put on the headset and immediately experience being surrounded by the FPV world. What makes the Vantage headset unique is its video input connector. It’s as simple as plugging in the provided cable from V2 remote control into the headset and you have instant live feed. No trying to figure out channels or antenna to install. It’s a truly out of the box experience.

Detail driven Features

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The Objective: FPV for everyone

Whether you are a beginner or expert, the Xtreme V2 and Xtreme V2 Vantage limited edition are both designed for you regardless of your current skill level. We have added advanced features such as compatibility with Spektrum radio systems as well as PPM support for the experts among us. The Xtreme V2 and Xtreme V2 Vantage limited edition are both compatible with today’s most common video goggles.

Designed for reliability and ease of use. We build drones based on years of experience in the field of drone development, bridging the expert hobbyist and the average consumer closer together allowing both to enjoy the excitement of drone racing.

The Outstanding: Feature highlights

– From Beginner to expert.
– 4 flight modes, Beginner, Sport, Acrobat and Expert.
– Two additional modes, Altitude height hold, auto flip & roll.
– Fully ready to fly with all parts included.
– Able to BNF with Spektrum systems and PPM ready.

The Build: Robust and friendly to maintain

The Xtreme V2 offers complete parts replacement and you can easily get the needed replacement part and keep on flying. Repairs are quick and easy with plug and play connectors. You only require the use of a screwdriver. There are no special tools or any soldering required.

The Xtreme V2 focuses on the mechanical construction and material to ensure a strong and robust design able to handle even intense crashes that come with learning how to fly. The durability gives you confidence as you start your journey as a drone pilot all the way from beginner to becoming an expert.

The Different: Build feature highlights

– Strong, robust mechanical design.
– Brushless motor powered.
– Illuminated motor arms.
– Race upgrades, 3S battery and racing propellers.

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The Versatility: Beginner to expert

The Xtreme V2 is a true machine build for versatility. Its six flight modes allow beginner pilots to grow into true FPV racing experts. From a secure and gentle beginner mode all the way to a dynamic and fast expert mode. Learn in your own pace from limited agility to full unlimited performance and limitless acrobatic agile flying.

We optimized each flying mode with a very detailed focus on each mode’s exact flying characteristics and behavior. Nothing is left by chance. Our developers and test pilots considered every single aspect covering the complete learning and experience curve.

We at Drone Art master the art of building drones.

Visual Excellence

360 Product View

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Focus on every detail

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Adjustable camera
Razor-sharp HD recording
Real-time video signal

You can get the angle just right for what you the pilot wants. The Xtreme V2 offers a manually adjustable camera from +35 to -60 degrees.

The Xtreme V2 has an integrated micro SD card slot to record your flight directly from the razor-sharp HD camera. Control the start and stop recording function directly from the remote control. Micro SD cards of up to 128 GB are supported providing large space for continuous recording.

4.3″ screen embedded directly into the remote control with a reliable 5.8 GHz video transmission and reception system allowing a near real-time and live view via an integrated 4.3″ color monitor for a first-person view flight experience right out of the box. Latency free.

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Headset ready
Color your flight
Upgradeability, PPM plus BNF

The Vantage FPV headset is made to work effortlessly with the Xtreme V2 remote control and give you an immediate out of the box immersive First Person View. Open the box, put on the headset and experience being surrounded by the FPV world.

It’s as simple as plugging in the provided cable from V2 remote control into the headset and you have instant live feed. No trying to figure out channels or antenna’s to install. It’s a truly out of the box experience. This unique setup allows for the goggles to have a zero lag live 5.8 GHz feed directly from the feed that is coming from the Xtreme V2 remote control. It also keeps the design simple and clean without the need for additional equipment.

To customize your Xtreme V2, you can select from 7 different canopy colors and switch the canopy every time you fly based on what your feeling that day with a simple and easy swap. Two colors, red and yellow, are included with the standard package.

RGB multi-color LEDs at the front arms indicate flight mode selection during flight, so you’ll always know which flight mode you’re in. Red rear LEDs provide orientation support as well as warning indicators including low voltage detection. The combined lighting of the front and rear lights helps the pilot also be able to enjoy night flights.

When you decide you are ready for more, you can have the “race” options which include 3S LiPo batteries for increased performance and speed. Another part of the race options is the high performance propeller series which enhance the performance and speed of the Xtreme V2. Longer range video transmitter and receiver upgrades will be available to increase the range.

A fast, secure and low latency PPM port is available allowing pilots to install optional receivers compatible with most commonly used transmitter systems. Various protocol types are supported. The Xtreme V2 binds to Spektrum radio systems directly as it is compatible with common Spektrum protocols. The Spektrum brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies USA.

Product Specifications


Flight Time8 - 10 mins
Ascent Speed10 m/s
Maximum Speed50 KM/h
Environment0 - 40 Celsius; Humidity:
Frequencies2.4 GHz / 5.8 GHz analog video (*1)
Propeller Diameter4040 (102 x 102 mm)
Diagonal Distance220 mm x 220 mm (with propellers)
WeightApprox. 220 g
Dimensions180 x 145 x 65 mm
Protocol SupportPPM and Spektrum BNF

Flight Battery

Capacity1300 mAh
Voltage7.4 V (2S), 3S supported
Max Charging Voltage8.4 V
Battery TypeLiPo 2S, 3S optional
Energy9.62 Wh
Net Weight87 g

FPV Camera

Camera Tilt+35 / -60 degree
Image SensorCMOS
LensFOV 68 degree
Image Size1280 x 720 pixels
Still Photography ModeYes
Video Resolution720p, HD
Photo FormatMJPEG
Video FormatMP4
Recording OptionYes
Recording MediaMicro SD, 128 GB

*1: Table of supported analog video frequencies.

Band A: 5865, 5845, 5825, 5805, 5785, 5765, 5745
Band B: 5733, 5752, 5771, 5790, 5809, 5828, 5847, 5866
Band F: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860

Remote Control

Transmission Frequency2.4 GHz
Transmission Distance600 m (~ 1,900 ft)
Operating Current600 mA
Operating Voltage7.4 V
Video Transmission Frequency5.8 GHz analog
Video Transmission Distance150 m (~ 500 ft)
Video Channels40
BatteryLiPo 2S, 7.4 V, 1500 mAh

Battery Charger

Cell Terminate Voltage4.2 V per cell
Charging Current1.5 A per channel
Input Voltage5 V/DC
Input TypeDual USB
Power Consumption5 V - 4.5 A min

FPV Headset (Vantage Edition)

Screen Resolution800 x 480 pixels
Screen Size5" TFT
Refresh Rate30 Hz
Operating Temperature0°C - 40°C, (32°F - 104°F)
Operating Voltage7.4 - 12.6 V
Battery Capacity1500 mAh (included)
Battery TypeLiPo 2S
Battery ChargerXtreme V2 battery charger
Operating Time3 hours
AV InputYes
AV Input Type3.5 mm Audio
Dimensions187 x 179 x 107 mm
WeightGoggle: 426 g; Battery: 70 g


The auto flip function is just too cool. I’m amazed how fast it performs the flip. So stable and fast in its recovery. Now my challenge is to move on to fully manually flipping the Xtreme V2 in expert mode. My friends are amazed.

Impressing my friends.

Jim Warrick

I am a complete beginner to FPV. I never thought that it’s that exciting to experience flying from the pilot’s perspective. This is just so intense and crazy fast. I’m hooked ever since. The V2 is great fun for me and my kids.

In the pilot’s seat!

James Adams

After reviewing the V2 thoroughly, I can recommend it to all new pilots without hesitation. The V2 is very easy to fly, as such beginners can grasp control very quickly.

So easy to control.

Linus W.

I just flew it! Simply breathtaking how easy and yet fast it maneuvers its way around the yard.  Love the LEDs, they look really cool and provide great feedback.

Simply breathtaking.

Patrick W.

Get Your Xtreme V2!

Xtreme V2 (RtF)

FPV ReadyYes
FPV Headset IncludedNo
Limited Canopy IncludedNo
HD RecordingYes
Live VideoYes
A/V OutYes
2S and 3S SupportYes
Flight Modes4 + 2
PPM & Spektrum ReadyYes
Color Canopy IncludedRed & Yellow
Remote Control IncludedYes
Charger IncludedYes
Fully Ready-to-FlyYes

Xtreme V2 Vantage Limited Edition

FPV ReadyYes
FPV Headset IncludedYes
Limited Canopy IncludedYes
HD RecordingYes
Live VideoYes
A/V OutYes
2S and 3S SupportYes
Flight Modes4 + 2
PPM & Spektrum ReadyYes
Color Canopy IncludedRed & Yellow
Remote Control IncludedYes
Charger IncludedYes
Fully Ready-to-FlyYes
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